Scrapbooking and Cardmaking Ideas and Products

What Is Scrap-booking?

Scrap-booking has been popular more many years, Since the introduction of the photograph people have created scrapbooks for memorabilia, storing photos and creating stories to show there experiences in the style of a scrapbook.

Scrap-booking Industry

Times have changed in the way scrapbooks have been created and the last 20 years has seen a growing interest and many changes in the industry. Craft Supplies were few and far between many years ago however now there are many stores and online shops offering excellent products for scrap-booking and crafting in general.

Modern Scrap-booking

Digital scrap-booking has taken off in recent years and many online scrappers will use html and different layouts to create albums which can then be printed as a hardbound book. Many still prefer the hands on approach and you now see scrappers going to conventions and local groups to share ideas and tips on scrap-booking and crafting.

The quality of products has improved due to the demand for sturdy creative albums which can last the duration and help protect them from deterioration. As an industry we are still very young and scrap-booking is becoming more popular year on year. With larger craft stores opening and new classes available to improve your skills the hobby of scrap-booking is becoming easier than ever before.


Why not use your scrap-booking supplies to further use and create your own personal cards, Using the same mindset making a card can be great fun and you can use your own imagination to personalize or cater for whoever you like. Card-making is been very popular for many years and the basics are very simple.

Start with your card stock which can be any size depending on if you want to fit the card in an envelope or not. Once folded you will have your standard size.

Embellishments- Using the same concept as a scrapbook page you can now add objects, layers with embellishments to create the look and theme of your card.

Other decoration- You can now use your imagination and use rubber stamps, stencils, clip art or photos to finish your cards look and feel.

However you approach card making or scrap-booking your imagination can create a wonderful piece of art that you can be proud of whether you keep it or send as a gift.