The posture of adolescents on social networks has generated a series of body image needs at an increasingly young age that has made plastic and cosmetic surgeons warn that “not everything is possible at any age or at any price”.

What are the most performed surgeries on minors?

The most common surgeries performed on minors are otoplasty – to fix prominent or “protruding” ears – and those related to alteration of the breasts , which in boys the most frequent is to correct the enlargement of the mammary glands and in girls, by tuberous or asymmetric breasts. In the case of otoplasty, it can be done at an early age, around five years of age because the ears no longer grow and are operated on because it can be a reason for complex in minors, like the aforementioned surgeries breasts.

Other types of interventions, such as breast augmentation or labiaplasties (genital labia minora surgery), which are also sometimes claimed by adolescents, in principle, are usually denied until they are 16 years old.

From then on, regarding breast augmentation, surgeons often explain to these young people that they are not recommended until puberty ends because the body continues to change and they are interventions that have “very important long-term implications.”

It clarifies that it may be the case of surgeons from other countries and cultures “who come from other backgrounds” who may be willing to do so but it is not usual.