Cosmetic procedures are attracting growing interest among millennial men, according to a new industry report.

The companies that earn from these procedures have registered the trend. “The attitude towards aesthetics is changing and there are two trends that are driving the expansion of the market,” said William Meury, chief commercial officer of Allergan, the firm that produces Botox, during a conference call in early May.

“The first (trend) is a youth movement that generates a rapid expansion of the segment between 20 and 30 years old. The second is a masculine movement: men have more interest in aesthetic procedures. We estimate that these trends will accelerate over time. “, He said.

There is also a cultural shift that both Ishii and Fedok notice: the stigma in relation to plastic surgery is no longer like it used to be. Plastic surgery is no longer something for the very rich and vain.

Surgeons take advantage of this new social acceptance. “There are those who specifically target men,” Ishii said. “They make it much easier for men to make up their minds.”

Nathan, who is 33 years old and works in higher education (he asked that his last name not be revealed for professional reasons), underwent a tummy tuck and liposuction after losing a lot of weight in his early twenties.

Most of your friends know this, although you don’t always mention liposuction. “I think opinions on it change every day,” he said. “You invest in yourself.”